Discourse Surrounding Gun Violence Holding Up Mental Health System Overhaul Legislation

Roll Call (12/16, Bowman) explored the politics behind stalled “mental health system overhaul legislation,” including HR 2646, introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA). That bill “has faced roadblocks: navigating the complex mental health system, educating lawmakers about needed improvements and lacking specific, vocal support from leadership.” One sticking point is “the discourse surrounding gun violence.”

While Republicans contend that “the government must better enforce existing gun laws, and that mental health system changes could help better treat those with mental illness, and prevent…mass shootings,” Democrats counter by saying that Republicans are “pushing for mental health system changes because the public is pressuring Congress to take some action after these shootings, and they do not want to battle the National Rifle Association about changing gun laws.”

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— “Why Mental Health Bill Isn’t Moving,” Bridget Bowman, Roll Call, December 16, 2015.

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