Actress Says Nation Is Sidetracked About Addiction.

Actress and author Kristen Johnson writes a first-person essay on addiction in the New York Times (7/21, Johnston, Subscription Publication) and laments how little is done about it in the US. Johnson, who also founded SLAM, NYC to create a “recovery high school” in New York City, describes a culture that views addicts largely as part of a running reality show of celebrities instead of “an epidemic that now claims more lives per year than car accidents” and “kills more people per year than guns.” She adds, “Yet there is zero government financing for research” and “no swanky benefits to raise funds.” She also laments that “a minuscule percentage of those who suffer can afford to get help,” while addicts are imprisoned rather than treated. She says addiction deserves “some respect.”

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— “Turning Addiction Into a Sideshow, “Kristen Johnston, The New York Times, July 19, 2013.

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