Acute Care For Mentally Ill Diminishing.

Bloomberg News (2/28, Moroney) discussed “the diminishment of acute care for the mentally ill — the kind of hospitalizations sought during times of crisis. The duration of these stays has dropped to 7.8 days in 2009, the last year of available data, from 12.8 days in 1993.” Even though “stays of all kinds have been shortened by insurance plans trying to manage care, the 39 percent decline for mental illness is one of the sharpest…according to the US Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHQR).” Bloomberg News adds, “The result: greater relapse and more patients released prematurely doing harm to themselves and others, according to 20 psychiatric experts interviewed by Bloomberg News.”

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— “Son Who Hears Voices Finds Health Care Fatally Dysfunctional,”Tom Moroney , Bloomberg, February 28, 2012.

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