Anthem Agrees To Reprocess 28,000 Behavioral Health Claims.

In continuing coverage, the Connecticut Mirror (4/25, Merritt) reports, “Anthem Health Plans has agreed to reprocess 28,000 claims amounting to $400,000 in additional payments to mental health providers following an investigation by the [Connecticut] Department of Insurance, the department announced Wednesday.” Nevertheless, “it is unlikely that the agreement will prompt physicians’ groups to withdraw a discrimination lawsuit against Anthem on the same issue any time soon.” The piece explains, “Anthem had adjusted its billing codes and fees as of Jan. 1 when a new set of codes established by the American Medical Association took effect.”

Hartford Business (4/25) reports, “Anthem will begin notifying affected providers May 1 and will also explain the change in the billing code reimbursement procedure to its members.” Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas “Leonardi said that Anthem has cooperated fully with the department throughout the oversight process, which began in early March after the department received a formal complaint from” clinicians.

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— “Anthem agrees to reprocess 28,000 claims to mental health providers, “Grace Merritt, The Connecticut Mirror, April 24, 2013.

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