Anxiety The Most Common Mental Health Issue Facing Long-Term Cancer Survivors.

MedPage Today (6/5, Gever) reports, “Anxiety, not depression, is the most common mental health issue facing long-term cancer survivors and their spouses,” according to “a large meta-analysis” published online in the Lancet Oncology.

HealthDay (6/5) reports that researchers “analyzed data from 27 publications that reported on a total of 43 comparison studies and found that levels of depression were similar among adults without cancer and adult cancer survivors two or more years after diagnosis, 10.2 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively.” But, the investigators found that “cancer survivors were 27 percent more likely to report anxiety two or more years after their diagnosis and 50 percent more likely to experience anxiety 10 or more years after diagnosis, the findings indicated.” Additionally, the investigators “found that cancer survivors’ partners were even more likely than survivors to experience anxiety over the long term (40 percent versus 28 percent).”

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— “After the Cancer the Worry Remains, ” John Gever, MedPage Today, June 04, 2013.

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