APA Representatives Conduct Press Conference Following White House Mental Health Summit.

Psychiatric News (6/5) reports that on June 3, “President Obama and Vice President Biden held a White House conference on mental health.” In attendance was American Psychiatric Association president Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, APA president-elect Paul Summergrad, MD, Jeffrey Borenstein, MD, editor-in-chief of Psychiatric News, former member of Congress Patrick Kennedy. “After the conference, these participants, as well as APA Medical Director James H. Scully Jr., MD, hosted a press conference to discuss some of the pressing issues in mental health care.” At the press conference, APA representatives discussed the Federal mental health parity law “which still does not have a final rule to ensure that insurance companies follow the law.” The representatives also discussed the fact that many people in the US mistakenly believe that people with mental illnesses are violent. Finally, the representatives discussed the issue of combating stigma.

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— “APA Representatives Hold Press Conference in Wake of White House Meeting,Psychiatric News, June 04, 2013.

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