Associations Call On White House For Increased Mental Health Funding.

The Daily Caller (1/11, Howley) reports that on Jan. 8, 52 “medical organizations…sent a letter to the White House on Tuesday invoking the Newtown, Conn. school shooting tragedy to request increased federal and state funding for medical programs, such as psychiatric care and an educational campaign that ‘reduces the stigma of seeking mental health services.'” Signatories to the letter included “the American Medical Association, followed by 51 other organizations that would benefit from increased government funding, including the American Psychiatric Association.” In addition to calling for increased funding for the prevention of violence, the letter states, “While the overwhelming majority of patients with mental illness are not violent, physicians and other health professionals must be trained to respond to those who have a mental illness that might make them more prone to commit violence.”

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— “Medical organizations invoke Newtown to request more funding from Obama,”Patrick Howley, Daily Caller, January 10, 2013.

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