CDC Data Reveal High Suicide Rate Among Baby Boomers.

The Washington Post (6/4, Montgomery) reports, “Numbers released in May by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a dramatic spike in suicides among middle-aged people, with the highest increases among men in their 50s, whose rate went up by nearly 50 percent to 30 per 100,000; and women in their early 60s, whose rate rose by nearly 60 percent (though it is still relatively low compared with men, at 7 in 100,000). The highest rates were among white and Native American and Alaskan men. In recent years, deaths by suicide has surpassed deaths by motor vehicle crashes.” The findings “suggest that more suicide research and prevention should ‘address the needs of middle-aged persons,’ a CDC statement said.”

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— “Baby boomers are killing themselves at an alarming rate, raising question: Why?, ” Tara Bahrampour, The Washington Post, June 03, 2013.

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