CDC Issues Report On Sexual Violence In US

NBC Nightly News (12/14, story 5, 0:30, Williams) reported, “We got startling new numbers from the” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “today based on a new survey of domestic violence. One in four women in this country reported being violently attacked by a husband or boyfriend. … One in five women said they have been sexually assaulted.”

The New York Times (12/15, A32, Rabin, Subscription Publication) reports that the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey “released on Wednesday affirmed that sexual violence against women remains endemic in the United States and in some instances may be far more common than previously thought. Nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point, and one in four reported having been beaten by an intimate partner. One in six women [has] been stalked, according to the report.”

The survey was given to “a nationally representative sample of 16,507 adults” and “elicited information on types of aggression not previously studied in national surveys, including sexual violence other than rape, psychological aggression, coercion and control of reproductive and sexual health.”

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