CDC: Many Bullied High-School Kids May Be Bringing Weapons To School

The CBS Evening News (5/4, story 6, 2:00, Glor) reported, “A new study based on data from the Centers for Disease Control says hundreds of thousands of kids who say they are the victims of bullying are bringing some kind of weapon to school.” CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann explained, “The report analyzes the detailed survey of 15,000 high-school students who were asked questions about bullying.” The CDC survey revealed not only that one in five high-school students reported being the victim of a bully within the past year, but also that “an estimated 250,000 bullying victims were carrying guns, knives and clubs to school within the last 30 days of the survey being conducted.”

The NBC News (5/5, Briggs) website reported that “bullied students who have endured four types of aggressive clashes at school — being verbally tormented, sustaining a physical assault, suffering personal property theft or damage, and cutting school due to safety concerns — are nearly 49 times more likely to have recently carried a weapon to school and 34 times more likely to have carried a gun within the past 30 days.” Also covering the story are the CBS News (5/5, Strassmann) website and HealthDay (5/5, Preidt).

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— “Bullied Students Sneak Thousands of Guns Into Schools,” Bill Briggs, , May 2, 2014.

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