Certain Anti-Seizure Meds In Pregnancy May Be Safer For Unborn Children.

The MedPage Today (1/10, Gever) “Striking a Nerve” blog reports that certain anti-seizure medications are safer for the developing fetus during pregnancy than others, “with valproate probably the biggest no-no,” as evidenced by a studypublished online in the journal Neurology that compared language and cognitive development of youngsters born to mothers with epilepsy who took valproate, levetiracetam, or no anti-seizure medication at all during pregnancy. Kids whose moms took valproate during pregnancy had an increased risk for such problems, compared to kids whose moms took levetiracetam or no medication at all. Currently, because there is no set “algorithm for deciding which [medication] is best for a given patient,” the “decision still comes down to the individual clinician’s judgment and the patient’s tolerance for risk to herself and her unborn child.”

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— “Striking a Nerve: Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy, “John Gever, MedPage Today, January 9, 2014.

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