Concern Over Truthfulness Of Veterans’ PTSD Claims Grows.

The Los Angeles Times (8/4, A1, Zarembo) reports that “disability awards for PTSD have grown nearly fivefold over the last 13 years,” and with them, “concerns that many veterans might be exaggerating or lying to win benefits” have grown as well. Veterans with PTSD “can receive up to $3,000 a month tax-free, making the disorder the biggest contributor to the growth of a disability system in which payments have more than doubled to $49 billion since 2002.” The Times notes that since “the diagnosis relies mainly on what patients report, it is easy to exaggerate,” adding that on online forums, veterans even trade advice “on how to behave in their disability evaluations.”

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— “As disability awards grow, so do concerns with veracity of PTSD claims,” Alan Zerembo, Los Angeles Times, August 3, 2014.

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