Depression May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Earlier Death In Heart Patients.

HealthDay (3/17, Preidt) reported, “Among people with coronary stents, depression was linked to a 1.5 times greater risk of death during a seven-year study period,” according to a study that was scheduled to be presented at a European Society of Cardiology meeting. Researchers followed “1,234 coronary-artery-disease patients in the Netherlands with an average age 62, who underwent assessment for depression six months after receiving a coronary stent.” About 26 percent of the patients had been diagnosed with depression. The investigators found that, “after seven years of follow-up, 187 of the patients had died, including 23 percent of the patients with depression and 12 percent of the patients without depression.”

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— “Depression Tied to Earlier Death in Heart Patients,”Robert Preidt, HealthDay, March 16, 2012.

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