District Of Columbia Court Program Focuses On Helping Minors With Mental-Health Issues.

The Washington Post (3/16, Moyer) reports that Washington, DC, “JM-4 in DC Superior Court” is the “home of a 14-month-old juvenile court intended to help minors with mental health problems avoid the harsh consequences and limited rehabilitation opportunities in the juvenile system. Known formally as the juvenile mental health diversion court,” the new court appears to be reducing the recidivism rate of certain crimes among minors. “A report from the DC Department of Mental Health showed that 56 juveniles enrolled in diversion in 2011. Eight, or 14 percent, were rearrested, compared with 40 percent in regular court. Nationally, the re-arrest rate is 60 percent, according to the report.”

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— “At D.C. Superior Court program, a focus on helping minors with mental health problems,”Justin Moyer, The Washington Post, March 15, 2012.

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