Exercise, Mental Health, Nutrition May Impact How Patients Live During, After Cancer Treatment

The Los Angeles Times (6/13, Dayton) reported that “exercise, mental health,” and “nutrition…can affect how someone lives during and after cancer treatment.” The article looks into how each of these three things can impact individuals with cancer.

In a related article, the Los Angeles Times (6/13, Dayton) reported that “some factors that improve quality of life may also increase survival.” The Times added that “managing symptoms and decreasing impairments that come from cancer treatment is closely linked with psychological well-being, says Dr. Julie Silver…creator of Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation, or STAR, a certification program that assists hospitals in developing cancer rehabilitation programs.”

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— “Battling cancer with exercise, nutrition and mental health,” Lily Dayton, Los Angeles Times, June 12, 2015.

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