Experts Find Warning Signs Of Violent Acts Often Unclear.

The New York Times(1/16, Carey, Hartocollis, Subscription Publication) reports on its front-page about gun control legislation proposed in Washington, DC and Albany, noting one “fundamental problem with looking for ‘warning signs’ is that it is more art than science,” given that people with serious mental disorders account for only about 4% of all violent crimes. The Times continues, “The sort of young, troubled males who seem to psychiatrists most likely to commit school shootings – identified because they have made credible threats – often do not qualify for any diagnosis, experts said. They might have elements of paranoia, of deep resentment, or of narcissism, a grandiose self-regard, that are noticeable but do not add up to any specific ‘disorder’ according to strict criteria.”

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— “Warning Signs of Violent Acts Often Unclear, “Benedict Carey, The New York Times, January 15, 2013.

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