FAA Announces Steps To Encourage Pilots With Mental Health Problems To Seek Treatment.

The CBS Evening News (6/9, story 9, 0:25, Pelley) reported, “Today, the Federal Aviation Administration said it will not require psychological testing for airline pilots.”

NBC Nightly News (6/9, story 10, 0:25, Holt) reported, “Instead, the agency said it will enhance training for medical examiners who test pilots being hired and expand mental health assistance for pilots. The issue came into focus after the pilot of a Germanwings flight intentionally crashed into the Alps last year, killing 150 people.”

USA Today (6/9, Jansen) reports that on Thursday, the US Federal Aviation Administration “announced steps…to encourage pilots with mental health problems to seek treatment.” The agency, however, will not “initiate psychological testing for pilots or change rules on locked cockpit doors that were toughened after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” The goal of the FAA’s action is “to break down resistance to seeking treatment because pilots can be grounded for certain medical problems or medications.” Next week, “the American Medical Association will debate….different approaches to mental health testing…said” Michael Berry, MD, MS, FAA’s deputy federal air surgeon.

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— “FAA encourages pilots to seek mental health treatment,” Bart Jansen, USA Today, June 9, 2016.

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