Fewer Than Half Of US Men With Anxiety Or Depression May Get Treatment

Health Day (6/12, Mozes) reports, “Close to one in 10 American men suffers from depression or anxiety, but fewer than half get treatment,” according to survey results published June 11 in an NCHS Data Brief, a publication of the CDC. The US-wide survey “of more than 21,000 men also found that among younger males, blacks and Hispanics are less likely than whites to report mental health symptoms.” Stephen J. Blumberg, PhD, associate director for science, division of health interview statistics at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, said, “We suspect that there are several social and cultural pressures that lead black and Hispanic men to be less likely than white men to seek mental health treatments.” Blumberg added, “These pressures, which include ideas about masculinity and the stigma of mental illness, may be more pronounced for men of color.”

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— “Many U.S. Men With Depression, Anxiety Don’t Get Treated, CDC Finds,” Alan Mozes, Health Day, June 11, 2015.

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