First Lady Unveils Program That Aims To Improve Medical Treatment For Veterans

ABC World News (1/11, story 8, 2:25, Sawyer) broadcast, “First Lady Michelle Obama,” “says she still plans to stay on her mission and push for those causes she cares most about,” including “working with wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war vets. And today, she was in Richmond, Virginia, to unveil a new program that trains doctors and medical students to better treat and diagnosis those veterans.”

The AP (1/12) notes that on Wednesday, Mrs. Obama “told an audience at Virginia Commonwealth University that 105 US medical schools and 25 schools of osteopathic medicine are bolstering their efforts to train students in treating brain injuries,” post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), “and other mental-health issues affecting service members.”

According to the AP, the “initiative is part of the Joining Forces campaign, an effort” by the First Lady “and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, to focus on issues that affect veterans and their families.” Also reporting this story are Bloomberg News (1/12, Brower), CNN (1/12), and CQ (1/12, Subscription Publication).

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