General Anesthesia May Increase Dementia Risk In Older Adults.

Bloomberg News (6/1, Hallam) reported, “Older people who undergo general anesthesia for major surgery have a 35 percent higher risk of developing dementia later in life,” according to research to be presented at the European Society of Anaesthesiology’s annual meeting. “The findings are based on information from the Three-City Study, which included thousands of people age 65 and older in Bordeaux, Dijon and Montpellier starting in 1999.” Bloomberg News added, “In a subpopulation of 7,008 citizens, 632 participants developed dementia over the course of the study, and those patients were more likely to have had general anesthesia than those who didn’t develop mental deterioration.” Also covering the story were the Daily Telegraph (UK) (6/1, Donnelly) and the Daily Mail (UK) (6/1, Hope).

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— “Dementia Risk Raised 35% by General Anesthesia in Study, ” Kristen Hallam, Bloomberg News, May 31, 2013.

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