Germanwings Pilot Had Been Treated As A Suicide Risk.

Coverage of the investigation of the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash was once again the dominant international story on the network news broadcasts, with CBS News and NBC News both leading with the story. In all, the networks spent more than eight minutes on coverage that focused primarily on reports that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately crashed the jet in the French Alps, had been treated as a suicide risk and had been under the care of psychiatrists.

Allen Pizzey reported in the lead story for the CBS Evening News (3/30, lead story, 2:50, Pelley) that according to German prosecutors, Lubitz “had been treated as a suicide risk for an extended period of time before he received a pilot’s license,” but “hid his condition from his employers.”

Alex Marquardt reported on ABC World News (3/30, story 2, 2:15, Muir) that according to German authorities, Lubitz “never exhibited aggression, and his motive is still a mystery.”

Bill Neely reported in the lead story for NBC Nightly News (3/30, lead story, 3:15, Holt) that “there is now pressure in Germany to look again at exactly what pilots can keep confidential, their right to privacy about their medical and mental history against the public’s right to know if lives could be endangered.”

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— “Germanwings co-pilot reportedly had other health problems,” Allen Pizzey, CBS News, March 28, 2015.

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