Germanwings Pilot Researched Suicide, Cockpit Doors In Days Before Crash

Coverage of the Germanwings crash investigation continued, focusing primarily on word from investigators that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz planned in advance to crash the jet and researched suicide and cockpit doors in the days before the crash.

Alex Marquardt reported on ABC World News (4/2, story 5, 1:30, Muir) that Lubitz “may have been planning his deadly flight for days. German investigators revealing a search of the co-pilot’s tablet computer shows that in the week before the crash, he had researched medical treatments, suicide methods, and information on cockpit door security.”

USA Today (4/3, Onyanga-Omara) reports that yesterday, “Germany announced the creation of a task force to examine what went wrong and consider whether changes are needed regarding cockpit doors, how pilots pass medical evaluations and how companies recognize psychological problems in employees.”

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— “Co-pilot studied suicide methods, cockpit security,” Jane Onyanga-Omara, USA Today, April 2, 2015.

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