Goldfarb: Employers Hesitate To Hire Recent Veterans Due To PTSD Fears

In a New York Times (5/10, BU7, Goldfarb, Subscription Publication) op-ed, management consultant Robert Goldfarb said that there is an underlying and unfair bias when employers are interviewing veterans of an Afghanistan or Iraq deployment because of concerns the person may have PTSD and “could possibly pose a threat to customers and other employees.” Goldfarb pointed out that even though many companies actively recruit veterans, some employers are “apprehensive about possible mental and behavioral issues” that younger veterans might have. Goldfarb wrote that a recent VA study indicates that veterans from 18 to 34 are in a “vulnerable population” because their unemployment rate since 2005 has been “20 percent higher than that of nonveterans of the same age.”

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— “Veterans Battle for Jobs on the Home Front,” Robert W. Goldfarb, New York Times, May 9, 2015.

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