Groups Hope To Forestall Dating Violence By Addressing Middle-Schoolers.

The New York Times (6/4, A12, Hoffman, Subscription Publication) reports that in light of a recent government report that found that “nearly one in 10 high-school students said they had been physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend,” the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and federal lawmakers [are] trying to forestall dating violence by addressing even younger students: middle schoolers. The goal is to educate them about relationships before they start dating in earnest, even though research shows that some seventh graders have already experienced physical and emotional harm while dating.” Last fall, “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave grants to middle-school programs” to start middle-school intervention programs.

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— “A Warning to Teenagers Before They Start Dating,”Jan Hoffman, The New York Times, June 03, 2012.

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