Gun Shop Project Seeks To Raise Awareness About Suicide

In a nearly 3,000-word article, the AP (4/4, Crary) reports on the “Gun Shop Project, a state-funded pilot program in which gun sellers and range operators in five western Colorado counties were invited to help raise awareness about suicide.” The effort is needed, because “in several western Colorado counties, and in some other Rocky Mountain states with high gun-ownership rates, more than 60 percent of suicides involve firearms.” Suicide prevention expert Catherine Barber, of the Harvard School of Public Health, “says numerous studies show that residents of gun-owning homes are at substantially higher risk of suicide than other people – simply because a suicide attempt is more likely to involve a gun and thus prove fatal.”

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— “IN WEST, REGION OF GUNS AND SUICIDE, OUTREACH TO CURB DEATHS,” David Crary, Associated Press, April 4, 2016.

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