Healthcare Spending On Kids Increased 56% Between 1996 And 2013, Research Suggests

The New York Daily News (12/27, Dziemianowicz) reports that healthcare spending on children increased 56 percent between 1996 and 2013, researchpublished online Dec. 27 in JAMA Pediatrics. The “three conditions with the most health care spending were inpatient well-newborn care ($27.9 billion), attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder…($20.6 billion) and well-dental care ($18.2 billion).”

HealthDay (12/27, Reinberg) reports the author of an editorial accompanying the study wrote that healthcare spending on youngsters, albeit “relatively low,” has “led to better access to care and even some better long-term outcomes for children.”

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— “Kids’ health care costs on the rise,”Joe Dziemianowicz, The New York Daily News , December 27, 2016.

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