Healthful Eating May Be Associated With Lower Risk Of Cognitive Decline.

The Los Angeles Times (5/7, Healy) “Science Now” blog reports that research published in Neurology suggests that “healthful eating is among the best ways to protect your aging brain against slippage.” However, “a diet that skimps on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish and includes lots of fried foods, red meat and alcohol is highly likely to pave a road to cognitive ruin.”

CNN (5/7, Ansari) reports that investigators “monitored the eating habits of 27,860 men and women across 40 countries.” Study “participants were tested for their thinking and memory skills, at the start of the study, then again after two and five years.” The data indicated “that participants with the healthiest diets were 24% less likely to experience cognitive decline compared to those with the least healthy diets.”

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— “Healthful eating is smart way to sustain brain power, study finds,”Melissa Healey, Los Angeles Times, May 6, 2015.

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