Hospitalizations Due To Injuries Caused By Child Abuse May Be Increasing.

Reuters (10/1, Pittman) reports that, according to research published in Pediatrics, hospitalizations due to serious injuries caused by child abuse may be increasing.

The NBC News (10/1, Fox) “Vitals” blog reports that investigators “looked at statistics on children admitted to hospitals for serious injuries.”

MedPage Today (10/1, Phend) reports, “Hospitalization for abuse-related injury rose 4.9% overall among children 18 and under over the 12-year span from 1997 through 2009.” The researchers found that kids “were increasingly likely to die from these injuries before discharge as well.” The authors point out that the findings “are in sharp contrast to data from child protective services,” which indicate that child abuse declined between 1992 and 2009.

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— “Injuries due to child abuse on the rise, “Genevra Pittman, Reuters, October 1, 2012.

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