House Panel Chair Miller Proposes Tricare Expansion To Fill Mental Care Gap.

The AP (1/30, Freking) reports on House Committee on Veterans Affairs Jeff Miller’s (R-FL) proposal, under which veterans having trouble receiving timely mental healthcare from VA hospitals and clinics would have access to Tricare’s network of psychologists and psychiatrists, a move that “allows veterans to get care closer to home, particularly those who live in rural communities.” Miller “doesn’t have an estimated price tag yet but says that whatever it is, that’s part of the cost of war. … Even a modest increase in spending could make Miller’s proposal a tough sell at a time when Congress is focused on cutting the federal debt and dealing with the threat of [sequestration].”

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— “Rep. looks outside VA to fill mental care gap, “Kevin Freking, The Associated Press, January 29, 2013.

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