Kristof Suggests Greater Emphasis On Mental Healthcare In 2014.

In his column for the New York Times (1/5, Subscription Publication), Nicholas Kristof invited readers to tell him about the issues they think “deserve more attention in 2014,” and his own is mental health. He says that mental illness in the US poses “a greater risk to our well-being than, say, the Afghan Taliban or Al Qaeda terrorists, yet in polite society there is still something of a code of silence around these topics.” He says media outlets are complicit, because too much coverage focuses on extreme cases, when progress is possible. Kristof says the topic is “not sexy, and it doesn’t involve Democrats and Republicans screaming at each other, but it is a source of incalculable suffering that can be remedied.”

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— “First Up, Mental Illness. Next Topic Is Up to You., “Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, January 4, 2014.

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