Meditation Gets Second Look For Veterans With PTSD.

On its website, KQED San Francisco (10/12) reported that the limited ability of prescription medications to treat PTSD has renewed interest in meditation, specifically “compassion meditation,” which “aims at a specific and widely held hypothesis about what is happening in the brain of someone like John Montgomery,” a Vietnam veteran. “The idea is that in combat, a switch — a fight-or-flight survival mode located in a part of the brain called the amygdala — has been turned on, and become essentially stuck. Meanwhile, another part, the frontal cortex, takes the backseat.” Studies show that repeated sessions “can increase ‘positive affect’ and ‘social connectedness,’ both of which are deficient in PTSD patients, according to a 2012 meta-analysis on the efficacy of different kinds of meditation in treating PTSD.”

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— “Can Meditation Ease PTSD in Combat Vets?, “Amy Standen, KQED, October 12, 2012.

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