Mental Health Issues Factor Largely In Counties’ Suicide Trend.

In a 2,469-word story, the Wilmington (DE) News Journal (1/14, Miller) reports that following an alarming number of suicide deaths among young people in Delaware’s “Kent and Sussex counties” last spring, state officials asked the CDC to conduct a review. The agency identified a “suicide cluster” in the two counties, where between January and May, “11 residents ages 12-21 took their own lives” and about 116 people within the same age group made suicide attempts. The CDC found no indicators for “suicide contagion” in the two counties, but it did conclude that mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, were factors in “at least seven of the 11 cases.” The Journal focuses primarily on the Krueger family’s struggle to come to terms with the suicide of their son Anthony, who was one of the 11 cases noted in the CDC report.

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— “Recovery in a suicide zone, “Beth Miller, The News Journal, January 13, 2013.

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