Mixing Antidepressants With NSAIDs Tied To Higher Risk Of Intracranial Bleeding

In continuing coverage, the Washington Post (7/15, Cha) “To Your Health” blog reported that a “population-based study, published in the BMJ, found that mixing antidepressants with common painkillers appears to be linked to a higher risk of intracranial bleeding…shortly after starting the treatment.” Researchers “found that during that initial 30-day window of antidepressant use, 742 people experienced intracranial bleeding, with 169 on antidepressants only and 573 taking both antidepressants and NSAIDs.” Interestingly, “there were no significant differences based on which antidepressants…were taken or the age of the person.” Men appeared to have a greater risk than women did for such bleeding.

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— “Study: Mixing antidepressants and painkillers may be tied to elevated risk of bleeding,” Ariana Eunjung Cha, Washington Post, July 15, 2015.

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