Model Suggests Mass Killing, School Shootings May Create “Period Of Contagion.”

The Washington Post (7/3, Gebelhoff) “Speaking of Science” blog reported that a “new statistical study” published July 2 in PLOS One adds “to the long-standing debate over whether media can plant ideas for ‘copycat murderers.’” For the study, investigators “created a model to analyze high-profile tragedies, and found that mass killings — events with four or more deaths — and school shootings create a ‘period of contagion.’”

The ABC News (7/3, Mohney) website reported that researchers “found that the probability of a mass killing or school shooting increased between 20 to 30 percent for an average of 13 days.” The study’s lead author “said for every three mass killings one more was incited due to ‘contagion.’” In the case of “school shootings, every three events appeared to incite one additional event.”

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— “Study: Why some mass killings and school shootings seem to be contagious,” Robert Gebelhoff, Washington Post, July 2, 2015.

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