New Technologies Encourage Patients To Adhere To Pill-Taking Schedule.

The Wall Street Journal (5/21, Hay, Subscription Publication) reports on new technologies that companies are developing that will encourage people to take their prescription medication as directed. Health insurers and companies such as CVS has used robo-calls, mailers and even face-to-face meetings with pharmacists to keep patients on track. Now, CVS is testing analytics technology from RxAnte that detects what patients have poor record of adherence, according to CEO Josh Benner. Other ideas include an app that rewards users with Target gift cards or donations to charity for following the schedule. Other ideas include a digital pills containing digestible sensors and an automated pill bottle that glows different colors when a dosage is needed or missed.

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— “Forget to Take Medicine? These Pills Will Tell Your Doctor, “Timothy Hay, The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2013.

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