NFL Allows Players To Choose Helmets Despite Concussion Risk.

On its front page, the New York Times (9/21, A1, Borden, Subscription Publication) reports that despite the National Football League’s rules and restrictions on uniforms and accessories, the league leaves it up to players to decide what kind of helmet to wear. “Even as head injuries have become a major concern, the NFL has neither mandated nor officially recommended the helmet models that have tested as the top performers in protecting against collisions believed to be linked to concussions.” Players choose helmets based on comfort, habit, or appearance. “As a consequence, despite lawsuits related to head injuries and the sport’s ever-increasing speed and violence, some players are using helmets that appear to place them at greater risk.”

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— “Despite Risks, N.F.L. Leaves Helmet Choices in Players’ Hands, “Sam Borden, The New York Times, September 20, 2012.

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