NIMH Director Calls Attention To Suicide As Major Public Health Problem

Politico (4/4, Villakorta) reported that with the Germanwings plane crash encouraging discussion about suicide, “National Institute of Mental Health Director Thomas Insel is urging people not to forget about this public health problem once it fades from the headlines.” Dr. Insel stated, “Unlike many of the leading causes of death, the suicide rate has shown no appreciable decline over the last 50 years; indeed, the rate among middle-aged Americans is increasing, and for young people ages 15-34, it is not the tenth, but the second leading cause of death.” He added, “When will we change our national habit of paying brief attention to suicide when circumstances make it newsworthy and start viewing it as the major public health problem it is: one to be addressed by marshaling — and sustaining — research, as we have for other health issues, with the clear goal of saving lives.

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