October 11 Was National Depression Screening Day.

USA Today (10/12, Shah) reports that yesterday, “more than 1,000 sites across the USA, including colleges, community organizations, and military installations,” offered “free anonymous screening tests for depression and other mental health issues…through National Depression Screening Day. The assessment, also available online” here, evaluates “individuals on 13 multiple-choice questions about everything from appetite and sleeping patterns to changes in mood and behavior.” National Depression Screening Day was sponsored by Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

Survey Finds Depression Stigma May Be Lessening. HealthDay (10/12, Dallas) reports, “Most Americans know what depression is and believe there is no shame in seeking treatment for the mental health condition, a new survey shows. The public opinion poll, released Thursday to coincide with National Depression Screening Day,” also revealed that “67 percent of Americans believe depression is usually treatable.”

CNN Editor Describes Her Own Battle With Depression. In a special piece for CNN (10/12) to tie in with National Depression Screening Day, Kat Kinsman, who serves as Eatocracy managing editor for the network and who suffers from depression, writes about her own experiences with the condition and shares experiences of others who also suffer. The piece provides links for those with depression to get help.

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— “Depression Screening Day offers help online, in person, “Yagana Shah, USA TODAY, October 11, 2012.

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