One Suicide Attempt In An Army Unit May Foreshadow Attempts By Other Soldiers In The Same Unit

Reuters (7/26, Seaman) reports, “One suicide attempt in an army unit may foreshadow attempts by other soldiers in the same unit,” researchers concluded after analyzing “data from soldiers on active duty from 2004 through 2009.” Those data, which included “9,512 soldiers who attempted suicide during that time,” revealed that “soldiers in units with a recent suicide attempt were 40 percent more likely to attempt suicide themselves.” The findings were published online July 26 in JAMA Psychiatry.

According to Psychiatric News (7/26), the authors of an accompanying editorial wrote, “The findings from this study certainly reflect actionable information, raising tantalizing questions about the influence of military social structure and leadership on suicide risk factors as well as the potential for contagion of suicidal behaviors within Army units.” Also covering the story are HealthDay (7/26, Dotinga) and Healio (7/26, Oldt).

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— “Suicide attempt risk in U.S. Army tied to unit’s past,” Andrew M. Seaman, Reuters, July 26, 2017.

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