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Parental Fighting May Lead To Later Depression, Anxiety In Children.

HealthDay (6/16, Goodwin) reported that “slamming doors, shouting and stony silences between mom and dad can really scar kids emotionally,” according to a study published in the journal Child Development. Investigators found that “Kindergarteners whose parents fought with each other frequently and harshly were more likely to grow into emotionally insecure older children who struggled with depression, anxiety and behavior issues by 7th grade.” However, “if parents refrained from harshly criticizing one other, stonewalling one another or being violent with one another, and instead managed to work out their problems in a constructive way, children weren’t terribly bothered by the conflicts.”

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— “Parents’ Fighting May Have Long-Lasting Effect on Kids, “Jenifer Goodwin, HealthDay, June 15, 2012.

Kids With ASD May Have Less Access To Specialized Care Than Those With Other Conditions.

HealthDay (6/16, Dallas) reported that “although children with autism spectrum disorders [ASD] need more health care services, they have less access to specialized care than children with other conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, according to a new study” published in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Investigators “examined previous studies that calculated the total health care costs paid by the families of children with autism spectrum disorders.” The researchers “found that children with autism, who are at risk for other conditions, such as seizures, sleep disturbances and gastrointestinal problems, paid more for the care they received than other kids with illnesses that required specialized care.”

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— “Kids With Autism Face Health Care Disparities, Study Finds, “Mary Elizabeth Dallas, HealthDay, June 15, 2012.

Study: US Stress Levels Up Since 1983.

USA Today (6/15, Jayson) reports, “You may have felt it, but now a scientific analysis of stress over time offers some proof that there’s more stress in people’s lives today than 25 years ago.” Investigators who “analyzed data from more than 6,300 people” found that “stress increased 18% for women and 24% for men from 1983 to 2009.”

The CBS News (6/15, Castillo) “HealthPop” blog reports that the “study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology…marks the first time scientists have been able to track the level of stress across the US over time.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (6/15, Stoxen) “Health Check” blog reports, “According to” the “new research, being young, a woman, having a low education level and/or having low income represent the most stressed individuals in the United States.”

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— “Stress levels increased since 1983, new analysis shows,”Sharon Jayson, USA Today, June 14, 2012.

Cuomo: New York Won’t Criminalize Cyber Bullying.

The AP (6/15) reports, “Although New York officials agree cyber bullying among youth is one of today’s biggest concerns, a political deal already struck by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders won’t make it a crime.” Instead the bill they agreed upon focuses “on public awareness starting with a legal definition of cyber bullying and requiring schools to report these incidents.”

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— “Cuomo: New York bill won’t make cyber bullying a crime,Associated Press, June 14, 2012.

Suicides Eclipse Car Crashes As Top Non-Combat Cause Of US Troop Deaths.

The Time (6/15, Thompson) “Battleland” blog reported, “For years, motor-vehicle accidents have killed more US troops than any other non-combat cause.” However, “that changed Wednesday” with May’s issue of the Pentagon’s Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, “which tracks trends in troops’ ailments and medical care.” According to Time, “in the dry and clinical prose favored by the medical community, the report said that in each of the past two years, more troops have died at their own hands than in motor-vehicle accidents.”

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— “Suicides Eclipse Car Crashes as Top Non-Combat Cause of U.S. Troop Deaths ,”Mark Thompson , Time U.S., June 14, 2012.

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