Parents, College Applicants Advised To Check Out Campus Mental Health Facilities Carefully

In an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times (2/12), author Julia Lieblich, who herself faced a mental-health crisis as a college freshman many years ago, advises “college applicants and their parents…to check out the mental health centers on campus as carefully as the dorms and gyms.” According to Lieblich, especially “if a student has experienced psychological problems, parents should delve beyond schools’ idle promises to care for the total person,” asking pointed questions about cost and staffing. Lieblich also urges that institutes of higher education hire “a diverse staff of psychiatrists who can prescribe medication, as well as psychologists, nurses and social workers knowledgeable about the most effective types of therapy.”

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— “College students facing depression need more than a list of doctors to call,” Julia Lieblich, Los Angeles Times, February , 2015.11

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