Patterns Found In Brain Injuries Associated With Contact Sports.

NBC Nightly News (12/3, story 7, 1:20, Williams) reported, “There is news tonight on a topic that has been in the news a lot of late — the connection between repeated concussions and long-term degenerative brain disease.”

The CBS Evening News (12/3, story 3, 2:30, Pelley) reported, “Scientists studied 85 brains, most from professional athletes, and 68 of them showed signs of damage.”

USA Today (12/4, Mihoces) reported, “John Mackey and Ollie Matson, Pro Football Hall of Famers, are among 33 deceased NFL players diagnosed in a new study with a brain disease linked to concussions. But the study also reports early-stage cases some who only played high school football.” The authors of the study “say that sounds an alarm that must be heard at the youth level of football and other sports with head impacts.”

The Boston Globe (12/3, Kotz) reported, “Published Monday by Boston University School of Medicine researchers, the study [pdf] reports on the autopsies of 85 brain donors, most of them professional athletes.” The study “provides new insight into an Alzheimer’s-like condition, called chronic traumatic encephalopathy [CTE], that is thought to be caused by repeat concussions or blows to the head.”

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— “NFL brain study involves former high school players, “Gary Mihoces, USA Today, December 3, 2012.

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