Physical Activity May Help Children Recover From Concussions, Study Suggests

The AP (12/20, Tanner) reports that a study published in JAMA indicates that physical activity may help children recover from concussions. Researchers “surveyed about 2,400 kids aged 5 to 18 treated for concussions in nine emergency departments in Canada.” They found that “a month after their concussions, ongoing or worse symptoms were more common in children and teens who were inactive during the week following injury, compared with those who engaged in physical activity during that first week.” Their findings “were similar even among those who early on had three or more concussion symptoms.”
Additional coverage is provided by HealthDay (12/20, Doheny) and MedPage Today (12/20, Basen).

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— “Association Between Early Participation in Physical Activity Following Acute Concussion and Persistent Postconcussive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents,The JAMA Network, December 20, 2016.

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