Poll Examines Toll Stress Is Taking On Americans

The Boston Globe (7/8, Kotz) “Daily Dose” blog reports that 49 percent “of Americans experienced an earth-shattering, stressful event last year that completely altered their lives.” Approximately “half of the time, these events were related to a major health problem, either their own or a loved one’s that may have ended in death,” according to the results “a new survey [pdf] of more than 2,500 Americans released Monday by the Harvard School of Public Health, National Public Radio, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”

The Huffington Post (7/8, Holmes) reports that other common sources of stress for people are “followed by work problems (13 percent) and life changes (9 percent),” the survey revealed. Investigators also “discovered that many who experienced large amounts of stress in the last month turned to healthy activities like spending time with loved ones, meditating and eating well in order to deal with their worries.”

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— “Half of Americans under high stress over past year, survey says,” Deborah Kotz, The Boston Globe, July 7, 2014.

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