Prenatal DNA Microarray Tests May Pose Dilemmas To Expectant Moms.

HealthDay (9/29, Salamon) reported, “A sophisticated genetic test sometimes used during pregnancy can’t always predict if chromosomal abnormalities will cause problems in children, leading some mothers to label the information ‘toxic knowledge’ they wish they hadn’t received,” according to the results of a 54-participant study recently published online in the journal Genetics in Medicine. Investigators “found that expectant mothers receiving bad news about a genetic test called a DNA microarray — more often used after birth to identify chromosomal problems in children with unexplained delays or defects — reported mostly negative responses, ranging from feeling blindsided to needing support to digest the information and make critical decisions about their pregnancies.” The study’s author pointed out that “the women’s reactions challenge the notion that knowledge is power, especially when that knowledge pertains to ambiguous information about an unborn baby’s health.”

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— “Prenatal Test Presents Dilemmas to Expectant Mothers, “Maureen Salamon, HealthDay, September 28, 2012.

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