Problem Of Growing Number Of Patients Suffering From Post-ICU Syndrome Highlighted.

The Wall Street Journal (11/26, Landro, Subscription Publication) reports hospitals are taking steps to help an increasing number of patients suffering from post-ICU syndrome, which includes short-term brain injury, post-traumatic stress, depression and feelings of lethargy. Some ICU patients who are sedated or are put on ventilator develop that syndrome. The Society of Critical Care Medicine says up to 80 percent of ICU survivors may be suffering from some form of cognitive or brain dysfunction. The Journal says patients mainly at risk of this syndrome are those who have been treated for sepsis, or blood poisoning. The paper says hospitals, recognizing the problem, are making changes to normal ICU procedures such as allowing breaks for patients on ventilation.

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— “Hospitals Take On Post-ICU Syndrome, Helping Patients Recover, “Laura Landro, The Wall Street Journal, November 25, 2013.

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