Psychiatrist: Address Public Health Crisis Of Military Mental Healthcare To Keep Public Safe

In an opinion piece for The Hill (1/19), psychiatrist Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, the founding president of the Child Mind Institute, writes in wake of the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport shootings by a National Guard veteran that “the mental health burden placed on our veterans is immense, and that the system is not up to the task.” He asserts, “Stigma and lack of access to care for mental health disorders are serious public health issues for all Americans; this problem is compounded for young veterans.” Dr. Koplewicz concludes, “If we are serious about keeping the public safe, we need to be equally serious about the public health crisis of mental health care in our military and our country at large.”

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— “Airport shooter shows need for better VA mental health care,”Harold S. Koplewicz, The Hill , January 19, 2017.

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