Psychiatrist Calls For Postmortem Brain Studies Of Those Who Commit Murder-Suicides.

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (12/26, A11, Subscription Publication), Peter M. Marzuk, MD, of the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, asserts that while the vast majority of people with mental illnesses are not violent and do not commit suicide or murder, nearly all people who do commit murder-suicides have underlying serious mental illness. He calls for systematic studies of the brains of those who perpetrate murder-suicides in order to better understand any underlying neurobiology that could be targeted for specific medicines or therapies. He would also like to see a US-wide registry of information on murder-suicides.

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— “Unlocking the Mystery of Murder-Suicide, “Peter M. Marzuk, The Wall Street Journal, December 25, 2012.

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