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#Metoo trauma can have long-term mental health consequences#Metoo trauma can have long-term mental health consequences, MP3, 1.5MB

Training helps police help the mentally illTraining helps police help the mentally ill, MP3, 1.6MB

College and First Use of Drugs and AlcoholCollege and First Use of Drugs and Alcohol, MP3, 2.4MB

Anxiety From Political News and Social MediaAnxiety From Political News and Social Media, MP3, 2.4MB

Opioid Addiction and OverdoseOpioid Addiction and Overdose, MP3, 2.0MB

Prisons, Inmates and Mental HealthPrisons, Inmates and Mental Health, MP3, 2.4MB

Keep Calm & Carry OnKeep Calm & Carry On, MP3, 2.4MB

Civil Unrest Effects on ChildrenCivil Unrest Effects on Children, MP3, 2.4MB

Treating Anxiety DisordersTreating Anxiety Disorders, MP3, 2.4MB

Illness and DepressionIllness and Depression, MP3, 2.3MB

Guns and Mental IllnessGuns and Mental Illness, MP3, 2.4MB

Suicide Reporting in MediaSuicide Reporting in Media, MP3, 2.3MB

Mental Health Parity LawMental Health Parity Law, MP3, 346KB

Suicide Prevention MonthSuicide Prevention Month, MP3, 710KB

Mental Illness and ViolenceMental Illness and Violence, MP3, 2.3MB

Holidays and FamilyHolidays and Family, MP3, 945KB

Bullying of Gay PeopleBullying of Gay People, MP3, 949KB

How Common is Mental Illness?How Common is Mental Illness?, MP3, 1.84MB

Alcohol and SportsAlcohol and Sports, MP3, 1.84MB

Disasters and CrisisDisasters and Crisis, MP3, 730KB

Army SuicidesArmy Suicides, MP3, 730KB

Suicidal ThoughtsSuicidal Thoughts, MP3, 724KB

IllnessIllness, MP3, 1.4MB

Holiday DepressionHoliday Depression, MP3, 940KB

Recession DepressionRecession Depression, MP3, 968KB

Economic Downturn and DepressionEconomic Downturn and Depression, MP3, 512KB

About Anti-DepressantsAbout Anti-Depressants, MP3, 962KB

Who are Psychiatrists and What Do They Do?Who are Psychiatrists and What Do They Do?, MP3, 476KB

Psychiatrists Treat DepressionPsychiatrists Treat Depression, MP3, 480KB

Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder, MP3, 480KB

BullyingBullying, MP3, 470KB