Report: Efforts Lagging In Preventing Concussions In Young Athletes.

The National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine have issued a joint reportsaying that not enough is being done to stop concussions in young athletes. The 306-page report, called “Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture,” faults players, parents, and coaches for not reporting concussions. Combined, the three major television news networks gave over five minutes of coverage to the story. Major newspapers, wire services, and consumer medical journals also cover the story, many noting that high-school athletes appear to have a greater risk of concussions than college athletes do and that the current sports culture discourages youngsters from reporting concussions and finishing treatment.

The CBS Evening News reported, “Parents and doctors now know that young athletes should not try to just shake off a head injury.”

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— “Sports-Related Concussions in Youth, The National Academy Press, October, 2013.

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